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Here are the results:

1st - Proud pettanko: 184

2nd - Wide hips: 182

3rd - Petite: 103

4th - Breast curtains: 73

5th - Milking equipment: 64

6th - Late bloomer: 46

7th - Mini giantess: 19

8th - Very tight jumpsuit: 0

8th - Embarrassed: 0

8th - Tan lines: 0

Some very surprising results this time! Proud pettanko, Wide hips and Breast curtains win! You might be wondering why Breast curtain won instead of Petite. Soon after this poll began it was decided in the Discord server that Wide Hips and Petite would be incompatible. If not, the result would basically have been a shortstack, of which we already have quite a few. So this was decided for the sake of variety, basically.
And this decision actually played a part in the results this time. Since these two mods are incompatible, the one with the least votes was ignored in favor of whatever was next, which turned out to be Breast curtains! A mod that has been here for a very long time now.
Not only that, but Milking equipment had a pretty strong start, so if anything I would have expected that one to make it, however it looks like several people switched their vote near the end of the poll.
So yeah, very unexpected results! ^^

Next month will be 2 NPC polls! The first one will take place from the 1st to the 15th, and the second one from the 16th to the 30th. I'll also post a devlog on the 1st, and reveal some new chibis!

On another note, now is a good time to submit a monstergirl and/or modifiers if you haven't already!  If you can't think of anything to submit, here is a list of ideas you can choose from

And that's it for now! See you ^^


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