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Because there's not much to say, really. I took some time to relax after finishing up the first half of Week 9.5. I added a small addendum scene to the end of the third day and I've written some more scenes, but I'm having some issues.

I have a couple of scenes that I know I want to do, but I want certain other things I have in mind to happen before them. That's fine, but then there's even more scenes that I want to do that also need to be added and... this episode is definitely going to be the longest by far.

Another problem I'm having is that I have a lot of sexy-time scenes in mind, but not a lot of not sexy-time scenes in mind. I realize that this shouldn't be a problem because I'm making a porn game, but I'd like to have some other stuff besides all the sexy-times to flesh out characters or break up the pacing a bit. 

I also want to try to make sure that the other scenes don't just feel like filler. I have day four basically planned out now (and the morning scene is actually done already), and it's going to end up being four scenes, though some are shorter than others. Day five, however, might end up being just two, and after that... well, I haven't actually thought that far ahead.

I doubt that any other .5 week will be this large, but who knows?

Back in a couple of days with the next update!


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