"Weekly Logs - 24-07-2022" by thecheshireguy from Patreon | Kemono
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You know the drill: some news regarding IRL and stuff. Now also on Patreon!

- Phew, that was a busy week, guys and gals, where I juggled between  distractions, chatting with friends, downloading new models and maps,  trying to make a few new posters here and there, then edit and schedule  some more. I hope this week things are more manageable. 😤

- He's so close! KabalMystic has now $7,401 dollars on his GoFundMe page and he's this close to reach his goal ($599 dollars on my  calculations)! Thanks everyone who donated and shared his page so people  could help him out after someone scammed him. I  really appreciate it  since I owe him my living and all those posters I release to you and my  patrons. 🥰

- Like I said before I was busy chatting with my friends from the Chrono  forums since there was a really cool giveaway last week which lasted  until Saturday. It was really nice, and we got to reunite ourselves and  exchange even some generosity between each other. It was great! 🥰

- My patrons already know this but I've managed to schedule my posters  for the month of October, and changed the order of release of some  posters to give away to the brand new stuff I've edited on GIMP. Next  I'll do the same with PostyBirb and schedule new posters to my public  galleries. Expect them soon!

Speaking of which, I'm also planning to post my NSFW content on Mondays  on my public galleries just like I do on my Patreon page just so my  fellas from deviantART won't have to see a picture with the word  "CENSORED" in big red letters plastered all over a poster everytime I  post my most "raunchy" releases and stay without content. They can't be  punished for something that's of total responsability from the site's  staff, you know, so I decided to do so.

Once everything is properly scheduled on Postybirb I'll let you know when the NSFW posters will be released.

Well, that's everything. Thanks for taking your time to read this and have a good week! 👍


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