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So I did a poll last month asking all of you if I should raise the prices for Intermediate and Advanced Supporters which you can check here.

Since it resulted in a tie I'll make the final and decisive vote. But not before explaining my decision:

Like I said before I didn't want this to be a monocratic decision done without the consent of my patrons so I gave a chance for you to decide if I should do this in this year or hold it for the next year.

As you can see in the news (and even in the art galleries I'm part of) everyone is going through hard times and forced changes around the world, especially regarding economy and politics and I'm no exception for this. The cost of life has been increasing along the years which was boosted by a certain pandemic, irresponsible and greedy governments (which's also my case but we'll get rid of those a-holes soon), greedy corporations, climate changes, wars, scarcity of resources and other nasty stuff.

This causes people to do whatever it takes to get money in order to help pay the bills, buy food, games, new equipment, medicine and other stuff, go watch their favorite movie on the cinema, have a dinner with their loved ones and so on.

And I chose to make posters in SFM to get so. This is practically my living now mostly due to my mental issues and social anxiety. And I have to thank you all for your continuous support, which's one of the things that motivates me to keep on creating all sorts of posters for your enjoyment. You guys and gals are the best!

So due to this becoming a living, the necessity to do more things with the money I get and also the visible improvement of my skills that I decided to vote for the increase of the prices. This will happen around July and August of this year so I'm telling beforehand so you can prepare for this.

I know that this decision may displease some of you but like I said before things are becoming expensive everywhere and I receive no financial help from the government whatsoever (or at least I used to before they cut it for the most stupid reasons), which makes things difficult for me and my father. I also understand that things are also hard for you and that you may not be able to support me further because of this increase and I totally get it, and for that I'm sorry to see you go.

However if you stay I won't promise anything and show through my actions that I care about your support by improving my crafting, giving you the best posters I can create and even making monthly polls to decide which character I should work with next. You can also rest assure that I won't leave you without content just like I did last monday, editing and scheduling posters while mildly sick where I should be taking a rest instead. You patrons are my priority, and one of the reasons I'll keep on making posters until the end of time.

tl;dr: My final vote is "Yes" for the increase, which'll start around July and August of this year.

Thanks for taking your time to read this statement, and have a good week!


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