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I'd like to thank every viewer and watcher who favorited and commented on my works until this day. You are the best!

I'd also like to thank my patrons for sticking around for more few they are. Thank you very much!

I'm still taking a break from Source Filmmaker until March, so no commissions let alone requests until then, where I'll probably make some raffles due to the milestone I've reached during this month.

I'll keep on posting on the usual days from Postybirb and I hope you keep on enjoying my works.

2021 was another tough year for everyone, including myself, where I lost my mother to COVID. Since then my life has been going through a lot of changes and I'm learning to be independent and responsible. It's not easy due to the humble life I live in my favela but I try to not lose hope of better days.

New Year is coming through, and we have to keep on smiling, laughing, fighting and living, no matter what happens. We can't lose our focus of our ambitions and dreams and strive against all odds. We're stronger than we think we are, and if we've managed to arrive until here safe and sound, we can survive many tough years ahead.

Anyway, I hope you have a great end of year with your family and friends, and that you stay safe.

Once again thanks for everything, specially on believing on a small art corner like mine.

Happy New Year.


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