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I want to wish my patrons and anyone who visits this page a Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!

I hope that the next year be better for all of us and that our dreams come true. Let's not lose our hope!

All characters are copyrighted to their respective owners:

Pokémon Franchise © Gamefreak and Nintendo.

"Super Mario" Franchise and Characters © Nintendo, 1985. Made in Japan.

"Sonic The Hedgehog" Franchise and Characters © SEGA, 1991. Made in Japan. 

"Sonic The Hedgehog" Comic Book Characters © Archie Comics and IDW Publishing, 1992. 

Sam and Max Freelance Police © Steve Purcell

Donkey Kong Country © Nelvana, 1998. Made in Canada. 

"Donkey Kong" Franchise © Nintendo, 1981. Made in Japan. 

"Donkey Kong Country" Franchise © Rare, 1994. Made in England. Drigo © 

CharmanDrigo @ deviantart | 部族 ドラゴン D r i g o @ Twitter

Ankha and Animal Crossing © Nintendo

Alice in Wonderland Characters © Disney and Lewis Carroll.

The Brady Bunch © CBS Studios Inc



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