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Hey all,

Second week of the year of being on schedule, kind off, the random quick requests aren't as frequent yet.

But with now the weekend being... a thing. I have some more time to draw so this week's request isn't so last minute like the Jak and Daxter thing from earlier, yay.

So this gal is called Trudy Proud from... A show called the Proud family I think. It's another one of those things I've never seen myself so I don't know what it's about. But this request was made by... *looks at schedule* someone called Luckino79. And damn this one's so old I don't even remember what platform this was requested on. Newgrounds I think.

Anyway here she is getting gang-banged by a bunch of fat floppy ding dongs, how fun.

Experimented a bit with lipstick smudges for this one, I feel they came out fine. Also threw in a background because I had the time for that. Though it doesn't REALLY make sense because there's supposed to be a guy underneath her, oh well. Call it taking some artistic liberties.

SoCarter out.



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