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Hey all,

So it's Sunday again, which means our first fulfilled request of the year. As per usual it's a late one because my backlog is looooooong.

It's another robot lady, the second part of a two part request actually. You can scroll down to the Sakura best friend robot post. Where I explain the memory of the request is kind of foggy and I remember one of them being futa, but I didn't remember which so I drew both with optional peens. Which makes sense because they're robots and can swap parts out.

And now I'm explaining it again.

So Tekno Dinkie Robot is a... toy? Of some kind, just like Sakura best friend. Very different. Anthropomorphizing Sakura was easy because she's plenty humanoid by herself. Tekno Dinkie however... well look "her" up, you'll see what I mean. So I took a LOT of liberties with this one.

Which is great because I love designing robots.

So anyway the patreon number count has corrected itself by now, funny that. It was indeed 3. So 6 patrons. After about a year. I'm not sure what to make of that. Is it a success? Should I make something more of my patreon page now? Is it fine if I leave it as a tip jar? Feel free to weigh in if you feel like it. But don't feel pressured into doing so. I'll ponder over this conundrum by myself juuust fine ;)

Also I know at least one of you is temporary, for the moment at least. But until that moment it's 6 so...

SoCarter out.




Ah, been a while since we saw some futa from you, request or not. Glad to see it make a return! As for Patreon: getting well-known enough to turn it into a real business is a full-time job with no guarantee of success. I personally think leaving it as a tip jar is the right call for the time being.