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Happy new year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! あけましておめでとうございます!

I hope you have a good start to 2023!

1. Recently,

I felt mannerism in my art and thought a lot about painting plans. After some research with a lot of doodles and trying different coloring methods, I felt not only a good quality of coloring, but the story and content matters the most.

So, since it's the start of new year, I'm going to try drawing short comics & doujins from time to time. Maybe as monthly rewards too.

I've only drew comics once or twice long time ago, and it was really different from just a single drawing. I'm might not as good as other good doujin artists, but I gotta try and study 🤓

Still have no idea how to decide the direction of reading comics since I'm not Japanese. Right to Left as other Japanese doujins? Or Left to Right as glolab standard? 🤔 lemme know your opinion

Also I think it's going to be really time-consuming so my postings might infrequent. Maybe. I'll do my best.

There's some ideas I've wanted to draw :^)

2. You remember my stream? lol

It's been almost a year since my first stream on Youtube.

It's cringe as hell when I look back to it XD.

I only streamed twice, first debut and birthday stream. It was really a huge pressure since my first language is not English and I'm not that talkative person. (I couldn't even sleep well before the streams lol)

I'm sorry I didn't achive my stream goals to have fun with you and people 😔

For now I have no plan to do a stream again, but maybe again someday.

Might feel less pressure to streaming if I use my first language, Korean(한국어) instead of 100% English when I stream.

Hmm, I'll think about it ...

3. New tier for more tips!

Added a new high tier for true fans :D

No specific rewards, It's same as 'Sneak Peeker' Tier.

But you get cool FANBOX Card (and show-off your degenerate taste to your friends!)

That's all for now!

I'm always appriciate to all my supporters and followers, you're the one who support me to do arts and feed my family! Thank you!






being cringe is based. sooo.. should try twitch


English isn't easy. Though I am not Korean, nor speak and understand, that does not mean people cannot watch and listen along anyway. Clippers may even take the time to translate your native language for you, or perhaps you may even learn more English along the way. As long as you stream, viewers will come.


No need to stream, especially if you are not enjoying the experience. Still lookin' forward to lurkin' near by. As for the comic reading direction, I'd do whichever feels natural for you. I read comics in both directions so it does not make a difference to me.


Either direction is fine and easily readable. Pick whichever that fits your artistic sense. I like your single drawings very much. They are wallpapers.


You’re doing fine Sine, I think the comics route is a good idea! always looking forward to your next piece and be sure to take care of your health!


Dunno, I didn't particularly think you were cringe when being a Vtuber person, in fact, I thought you sounded rather cute and had this fun dorky energy about you. As for the comics I think left to right makes the most sense since not every lewd artist tries to imitate the right to left panelling order.


Comics sound good, I enjoy the progression of a scene much more than that many random images. Both are fine, though it feels like hentai tends to follow japanese right-to-left unless it's explicitly western comics.


Your first language is art and we all understand it


I understood most of the content. As for the reference of the opening position of the doujinshi In Japan, it is usually opened from the right side.


Happy new year! You dont need to speak perfect english, your fans know it isnt your best language and can understand what you're saying anyway. Hope to catch your streams one day!


Oh, and for your comics, i think you should go right to left (japanese style)


I think you should do it right to left! Get that authentic doujin feel.